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Construction and engineering operations realize the cost-and time-saving benefits of geospatial data collection with UAVs.  Engineering teams rely on high precision data from the ground to develop their designs and UAV data can be collected quickly, safely, and accurately to help companies in many ways including monitoring a site's progression, measuring cut and fill volumes, inspecting infrastructure, and generating accurate 3D building models. UAVs enable firms to create highly accurate maps and point clouds, predict schedule delays, and improve safety.

Initial Site Survey: Evaluate worksites and provide detailed, precise data for architects and contractors before starting work on site

Mapping/Modeling: UAV data can be converted into detailed maps and 3D models to help with project tracking and accurate measuring of

  distances, surfaces, elevations, and volumes

Progress Monitoring: Access near real-time aerial data to understand construction progress

Inspection: Inspect building façades, roofs, and collect other important information including thermal image surveying

Access hard-to-reach areas: UAVs remove the need for staff on the ground to put themselves in dangerous situations

Swift Aerial Surveys Inc has a set of processes and products in order to offer integral aerial data acquisition services.

Hear how our full service solutions can impact your project.

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