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An orthomosaic map is an accurate, highly-detailed photo representation of an area created out of many photos taken at regular intervals along a pre-determined flight path that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (orthorectified).

Swift Aerial Surveys utilizes Unmanned Aerial Systems to capture aerial imagery at low heights enabling flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Low altitude flights produce high-resolution imagery where extremely small details can be seen, and by using geometrically calibrated sensors with additional ground control points, 1-3 cm resolution can be obtained.

Othophotos provide a precise reference that enhances understanding of any project area. Orthophoto Mosaics captured over time aid in the monitoring of projects/sites. If you would like more information on how Swift Aerial Surveys can assist you with image acquisition, contact us

Swift Aerial Surveys Inc has a set of processes and products in order to offer integral aerial data acquisition services.

Hear how our full service solutions can impact your project.

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