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Swift Aerial Surveys utilizes multispectral sensors that capture wavelengths of light that fall outside of the visible spectrum. Multispectral sensors capture data on the reflection of light energy off objects in the environment. That data can be compared to other nearby objects to understand differences between them.

Multispectral imagery is instrumental in applications like precision agriculture and crop management but is also utilized in a variety of different sectors including, energy, environmental monitoring, and construction.

With the imagery captured using our Unmanned Aerial Systems, stakeholders can effectively manage their crops by measuring plant health, vigor, leaf area and canopy cover, count plants and determine population or spacing issues, review the health forested areas or vegetation to determine which portion of land to clear, and review data related to environmental mitigation activities. Ask how you can benefit from using multispectral imagery aquisition.


Swift Aerial Surveys Inc has a set of processes and products in order to offer integral aerial data acquisition services.

Hear how our full service solutions can impact your project.

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